Holly Mae Taylor
designs it all.

Information, User Interface, Motion, Branding, Print, Illustration.

I'm seeking full-time employment with an organization who will benefit from my design skills and capabilities.
Contract gigs are always welcome as well! I love doing this.

Do you want to hear about the 101 Dalmations-inspired comics I authored and illustrated when I was 4, or do you prefer to hear about the businesses I painted windows for in highschool? I can tell you about the various marketing agencies who benefitted from my internship experience with them while I was a design student. Or I can start with my first few years designing professionally full-time outside of college. I also have a resume you can download.

The videogames I play are usually strategy-based, adventure games, or shooters. My favorite visual film styles are usually animated or sci fi. Electronic, metal, hip hop, and jazz are my favorite genres of music. My favorite places in the world are animal sactuaries and anywhere with good music and food. I like doing bodyweight training, yoga, and kickboxing. Talk to me! I'd love to hear from you.

Download Resume

"Holly Mae is one of the most talented, detail-oriented creative designers I have had the pleasure to work with."

Matthew Ray, Creative Director at ChatterBlast Media

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